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Montana Public Service Commission Chairman asks you to “call before you dig”

April is National Safe Digging Month

Montana Public Service Commission Chairman asks you to “call before you dig”

HELENA, Mont. – April 4, 2016 – In an effort to remind us all about safe practices when digging, the non-profit Common Ground Alliance sponsors National Safe Digging Month every April.


Montana PSC Chairman Brad Johnson delivers the following message to kick off National Safe Digging Month,


“As spring projects get underway, I would like to remind Montana that anyone digging take the proper precautions to ensure their own, and others’, safety. A quick call to 811 before you dig can save a life, and as April is National Safe Digging Month, it’s only appropriate that we spread awareness of this important tool. Safety when working near propane, natural gas pipelines and buried electrical lines is the number one priority, and calling before you dig should always be the first step before your shovel hits the ground.”

What Is 811?


811 is a national phone number established by the Federal Communications Commission to connect anyone who plans to dig with their local one call center.


When someone calls 811 in the United States, he or she is connected to the local one call center, where a representative collects information about the caller’s planned dig site. The one call center then communicates the information to the appropriate utility companies, which send professional utility locating technicians to identify and mark the approximate location of lines within a few days of the phone call. Once lines have been marked, the caller may dig safely around the marks. (From Common Ground Alliance)


To learn more about National Safe Digging Month, visit: http://bit.ly/235pjnr and http://www.montana811.org/

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