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PSC Authorizes Moving Company in Kalispell

  • 21 August 2018
  • Author: Anonym
PSC Authorizes Moving Company in Kalispell

The Montana Public Service Commission voted unanimously today to permit the sale of Dunne Moving and Storage’s Motor Carrier Certificate of Authority No. 334 to C & N Enterprises, Inc., doing business as A-Team Moving and Storage.

Commission Chairman Brad Johnson, whose district includes Kalispell, said, “They have been in business for close to fifteen years, they've had a business relationship with the other party in this docket for approximately ten years. There have been virtually no complaints. There really is limited evidence before us that they are conducting their business in a way that calls into question their fitness.”

On December 5, 2017, Michael K. Dunne, doing business as Dunne Moving and Storage, a common carrier regulated by the Public Service Commission, applied for approval to transfer their certificate to A-Team Moving and Storage. The certificate is a document granted by the PSC which allows them to conduct business within a certain area. Mergenthaler and Two Men and a Truck had protested the application arguing that A-Team was not fit to operate. At issue, among other things, were prior business dealings between one protestant and A-Team, and various allegations of character indicating disrespect for the regulatory process. At a public hearing in Kalispell on June 28, the PSC heard testimony from the applicants and the protestants regarding C & N’s fitness to operate.

Commissioner Roger Koopman said, “While I’m truly impressed with C&Ns record of service, I’m a little less confident than the chairman that no problems exist. I do think there needs to be some language in the order that lets them know there are some commissioners who believe there are unanswered questions.”

Today’s vote approved the sale-and-transfer, after finding A-Team was fit, however commissioners made clear they would carefully examine C & N’s subsequent annual reports with an eye toward the issues raised during the hearing.

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