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Contacts For Legal/Consumer Division

Legal/Consumer Division
Service Staff Contact Telephone
Consumer QuestionsKoch, Brenda800/646-6150
Sandru, Lori
Shorten, Tina
Utility Complaints (phone, energy, water)Sandru, Lori800/646-6150
Shorten, Tina

Legal/Consumer Division Staff
Name Position Telephone E-Mail
Hill-Hart, Jennifer Attorney 406/444-
Koch, Brenda Consumer Representative 406/444-4266
Kraske, Justin Chief Counsel / Administrator 406/444-6376
Langston, Jeremiah Attorney 406/444-6178
Rogala, Zach Attorney 406/444-
Sandru, Lori Consumer Representative 406/444-6192
Shorten, Tina Business Operation Supervisor 406/444-6380
Simmons, Rhonda Paralegal/Commission Secretary 406/444-6170

Information on appearing Pro Hac Vice before the Commission may be found in the 1998 Rules for Admission to the Bar of Montana, available at the web site of the State Bar of Montana: See also, Commission Policy Statement on Practice of Law before the Commission