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PSC Commissioners

About Tony O'Donnell, Commissioner

Tony O’Donnell was elected to District 2 of the Montana public service Commission in November 2016. His district encompasses most of South West Montana, including: Yellowstone, Carbon, Big Horn, Treasure, Rosebud, Powder River, Custer, Prairie, Fallon, and Carter counties.

As a homeowner in Billings for 22 years, Tony has an extended track record of civic involvement. He has held leadership positions in a number of organizations, including: United Way, Yellowstone County PTA, Christian Sportsman Club, Boy Scouts of America, local homeowners association, and Lions Club.

Tony has a genuine passion for work and has held 2-3 concurrent jobs throughout most of his life. Early in his career he spent several years in the financial and insurance professions. Prior to serving on the Montana Public Service Commission he worked at Lowe’s Home Improvement for 16 years, while simultaneously running a retail merchandising company.

Tony attended St. Mary’s College of California where he studied philosophy and theology. He prides himself on being a life-long learner and he enjoys engaging in political and philosophical debates with friends.

As a strong supporter of Economic Freedom, Tony is keenly interested in how regulators can apply Free Market principles to the mutual benefit of ratepayers, as well as regulated utilities.

Tony’s Statement on serving as a Montana Public Commissioner:

“As a home owner, voter, and ratepayer in Billings for the last 22 years, I take my duty as public servant extremely seriously. Though often shrouded in a cloak of acronyms and technical definitions, the decisions that are made at the Public Service Commission directly impact the safety, as well as the finances of nearly every Montanan. High energy bills don’t just harm ratepayers by taking money out their pocket, they raise the price of everything that you buy from canned food to baby diapers. As a commissioner I’m committed to making sure that the supply of energy in Montana remains affordable and reliable for all ratepayers.”