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This form is for electronic public comments specifically pertaining to a pending Commission proceeding (docket), notice of which allows for public participation through written comments. This form is not to be used for inquiries, complaints, or other general communications. This form is not to be used by entities or persons who have obtained party status in a Commission proceeding. If you are a party to a pending Commission proceeding, participation by you is available as provided in the procedural order governing that proceeding.

Notification: You are submitting a comment to the Montana Department of Public Service Regulation, Montana Public Service Commission, an agency of the State of Montana. A document filed with a state agency becomes public record pursuant to the Montana Constitution, article II, Section 9, and is available for public review pursuant to Mont. Code Ann. § 2-6-1003, unless specifically protected pursuant to Admin. Rules of Mont. Title 38, Chapter 2 or Montana Constitution, article II, Section 10
Please be advised that your comment constitutes a public document and is required to be available to the public. It will be available for public inspection at the Commission office, will be produced pursuant to a records request received by the Commission, and may be posted on the Commission’s website under the docket. If your comment is posted online, your address, email and phone number will be redacted.