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This form is for requesting assistance with a consumer issue pertaining to a utility regulated by the Montana Public Service Commission. This form is not to be used for commenting on a pending proceeding (see “Comment on a Proceeding”) or contacting a Commissioner (see “Contact Your Commissioner”).

Prior to requesting assistance from the Commission, you must contact the utility to attempt to resolve the matter. If the results of those efforts were not satisfactory, you may request assistance from the Montana Public Service Commission Consumer Assistance Program.

The Consumer Assistance Program (“CAP”) assists customers in resolving disputes with their service utility providers, but cannot provide legal advice. By submitting this form you are authorizing CAP staff to contact the company(ies) noted AND you are agreeing to allow the company(ies) to share information about your account with the CAP staff. In addition, you acknowledge the information provided by you is true and correct to the best of your knowledge, information and belief.

Notification: You are submitting a comment to the Montana Department of Public Service Regulation, Montana Public Service Commission, an agency of the State of Montana. A document filed with a state agency becomes public record pursuant to the Montana Constitution, article II, Section 9, and is available for public review pursuant to Mont. Code Ann. § 2-6-1003, unless specifically protected pursuant to Admin. Rules of Mont. Title 38, Chapter 2 or Montana Constitution, article II, Section 10
Documents submitted to the Commission are subjected to production pursuant to a records request received by the Commission. Documents produced pursuant to a records request that contain protected information (such as address, email, and phone number) will be redacted by the Commission. Additionally, information provided to the Commission will remain on file and may be used in further Commission proceedings, subject to the redaction noted above.