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Representative duties for Chief Legal Counsel include, but are not limited to:

1. Special Assistant Attorney General. Serve as a Special Assistant Attorney General to the Commission and defend or prosecute Commission decisions before state and federal district and appellate courts, and state and federal agencies. Duties include:

  • Motions practice, discovery, briefing, oral argument, post-judgment relief and appellate practice.
  • Direct litigation strategy for various Commission litigation, typically involving 3-5 affirmative and defensive suits each year.
  • Supervise and manage Commission attorneys in their respective representation of the Commission.



2. Agency Counsel. Assist with organizational change leadership, management, and administration.

  • Work in coordination with the Agency Coordinating Team (ACT) members.
  • Oversee the operational support services for the Legal and Consumer Assistance Division.
  • Assist with various responsibilities related to operations of a small to mid-sized state executive branch agency, including:
    • Responding to and managing records requests
    • Managing internal agency investigations
    • Assisting with employee disciplinary actions
    • Assisting with contracting and managing outside counsel 
    • Interfacing with members of the local, state, and regional press
    • Administering and managing employee hiring panels.


3. Staff Attorney for Federal and State Legislative Proceedings. Appear before various state and federal bodies to represent Commission interests in rulemaking and legislative proceedings. Select duties include:

  • Provide written and oral testimony to various Montana interim and legislative session committees
  • Assist legislative staff with bill drafting and editing
  • Formulate and implement Commission, state, and federal legislative policies
  • Monitor and report to the Commission on various legislative enactments.



4. Hearing Examiner and Staff Attorney. Serve as a staff attorney or hearings examiner for Commission proceedings.

  • Conduct complex civil contested case proceedings, rulemakings, and investigations under the Montana Rules of Evidence, Montana Administrative Procedures Act, and Title 69 of the Montana Code.
  • Review dockets and formulate strategies
  • Propound discovery, conduct legal research
  • Draft various legal documents including discovery, evidentiary, and protective orders, proposed findings of fact and conclusions of law, final decisions, and orders on reconsideration
  • Formulate and present oral and written recommendations to presiding officers
  • Conduct examination and cross-examination of expert witnesses
  • Advise and rule on evidentiary objections during evidentiary hearings
  • Administer scheduling and settlement conferences.
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