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Executive Director

This is an appointed position that reports directly to the elected five-member Commission and serves at the pleasure of the Commission. The position is based in Helena, MT. Occasional travel may be required. The Executive Director will plan, direct, manage, supervise, and coordinate the day-to-day administrative operations of the Department of Public Service Regulation; represent the interests of the Public Service Commission in administrative matters; carry out the directives and policies of the commission; and lead the agency’s external communications and public relations work. The Executive Director is not tasked with performing the legal or regulatory work of the agency but is responsible for ensuring effective administration of all areas of operation including the Regulatory, Legal, and Centralized Services Divisions. Duties include but are not limited to:

  • Ensure the policies of the Commission are carried out in accordance with state law, administrative procedures and applicable regulations 
  • Manage Commission staff, including oversight of division administrators, supervisors, and support staff to ensure agency productivity and efficiency
  • Oversee budget, appropriations, audit compliance and human resources matters of the agency
  • Manage the agency’s public relations, marketing, government affairs and external communications
  • Balance staff workloads and agency fiscal priorities, particularly as relates to requests from individual Commissioners or the Commission
  • Facilitate internal teamwork, communications and orderly processes within and between employees, divisions and commissioners
  • Manage staff recruitment, on-boarding, training, performance and retention programs
  • Ensure testing of internal controls & risk management protocols
  • Prepare annual reports, informational presentations and strategic goals/plans
  • Manage or assist with the Commission’s special projects and initiatives

Other duties related to the official business of the Commission as assigned by the Commission or the Chair For more information on qualifications and how to apply, CLICK HERE