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The CPA/Utility Rate Analyst in the Department of Public Service Regulation provides the Public Service Commission analysis and advice regarding accounting, financial, and policy issues related to the regulation of public utilities. Some work-related travel is required. This CPA/Utility Rate Analyst position is currently housed in the Department’s Revenue Requirements unit. Typical duties for this position include: analyzing and evaluating utility rate applications and other regulatory filings and issues from financial, accounting, and business perspectives to determine the reasonableness of utility requests. In addition, the CPA/Utility Rate Analyst will examine utility rate increase requests and other financial filings for compliance with utility accounting standards established by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (“GAAP”). The CPA/Utility Rate Analyst will also provide analysis and recommendations to the Public Service Commission on other accounting matters as required including assisting with agency legislative financial audits and preparing reports to support analysis. The CPA/Utility Rate Analyst assists in: analyzing capital structures, rates of return, rate changes, and other utility proposals; developing data requests and cross-examination of utility and intervener witnesses for rate hearings; auditing utility financial records and information; preparing documents that summarize testimony and issues that may be examined during public hearings; analyzing record evidence, formulating conclusions on ratemaking and policy issues; presenting the conclusions in writing and verbally at Commission business meetings and work sessions; preparing reports to support analysis; preparing accounting orders; assisting in the preparation of Commission orders or notices; assessing the regulatory impacts of draft legislation; and, at direction of the Commission, representing the Commission in outside proceedings of interest to the Commission. 

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