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Electric Registration for Telecommunications Service Providers

If you have a valid username and password already with us please login using the Account Login Page. If you do not have a valid username and password with us, please proceed to the "New Registration" section below.

New Registration

Electronic Registration for Telecommunications Service Providers

A new law passed by the 1997 Montana Legislature requires all providers of telecommunications service in Montana to register with the Montana PSC before providing service. New and existing telecommunications service providers must register electronically on the form provided here.

Who must register?
Companies that provide: local exchange service; long-distance or interexchange service; resale of local phone service; resale of long-distance service; and commercial mobile radio services, including cellular, paging, mobile radio and personal communications services.

Who is regulated by the PSC?
Some of the companies that must register are not regulated by the PSC and will continue to be unregulated. Examples of unregulated companies that must register are: telephone co-ops; commercial mobile radio services (cellular, PCS, paging, mobile radio).

Montana law defines regulated telecommunications service as:

"two-way switched, voice-grade access and transport of communications originating and terminating in this state and nonvoice-grade access and transport if intended to be converted to or from voice-grade access and transport. The term does not include the provision of terminal equipment used to originate or terminate the regulated service, private telecommunications service, one-way transmission of television signals, cellular communication, or provision of radio paging or mobile radio services."


You will need to request a login account before you can enter your registration information.

Once you receive your login you may login to our user account system and create/edit/delete telecommunication registrations. When creating one provide all the information requested on the registration form and submit it. The PSC will promptly check your registration to make sure it's complete. If it is, you will receive electronic confirmation of your registration at the e-mail address for the regulatory contact person you provided in your registration form.

If your registration is incomplete, your regulatory contact person will be notified by e-mail of the problem. Your company will not be registered until the registration form is complete and your registration is confirmed by the PSC.

Once your registration is confirmed, your company is a registered telecommunications provider in Montana and may provide telecommunications service in the state. A list of registered providers is available to the public on the PSC web site or upon request to the PSC. Anyone may view any provider's registration form on the web site via a link from the list of registered company names.

Each registered provider is responsible for updating the registration information when changes in the provider's personnel or operations occur. Click on the Update Option to make changes. The PSC will periodically post an electronic message to all registered providers to remind them to update if necessary.

Any electronic communication from the PSC to registered telecommunications providers will be posted to the e-mail address for the regulatory contact person. If the PSC's attempts to e-mail messages to a provider's regulatory contact person fail, the provider may be deleted from the list of registered telecommunications providers.